Kevin G. Smith

Client Comments

These comments came from some great clients.
I wouldn't be in business without them.

"Kevin is creative and resourceful; easy to work with and on time, which is a big plus. He uses lots of strategies to reveal the best qualities of his subjects; appearing to have fun at the same time. He brings enthusiasm and fun to all his projects. I love that he treats school children, firefighters, adults, elders, everyone, with the same respect. That has always been impressive."
Jocelyn Young, 1% for art Program MOA

“Kevin has a way of capturing architecture through the lens of a camera that the human eye can’t see. He's also willing to shoot in 30 below weather, scraping the ice off the inside of the car window as we drive and eating beige airport food. Oh and getting an ear full from the owner while we are shooting and taking down and putting up Christmas decorations in the process."
Alisha L. Weiss, KPB Architects

Kevin Smith is refreshing, thoughtful and dedicated. He provides unique perspectives that capture our work, always making it look its best! ((Plus Kevin’s enthusiasm and humor make him a real hoot to work with).
Tracy Vanairsdale, Bettisworth North Architects

We've sent Kevin to every corner of the state to capture corporate and lifestyle images for our clients. Kevin knows how to find beauty in the ordinary, and turn even a mundane product shot into an attractive and intriguing photo. I know we can count on Kevin to deliver outstanding images every time.
Michael Ardaiz and Kris Ryan-Clarke, Mad Dog Graphx

"Kevin is always a pleasure to work with, and his talent shines through in all his photographs. He truly understand architectural photography. He’s shot many buildings we’ve been involved with designing, and his photographs are always a great addition to our proposals and marketing materials."
Skip Bourgeois, Coffman Engineers

"A display of historical and elder photographs is an important element in every rural school and Kevin is masterful at creating unique, vibrant and meaningful works of art that bring life to both his subjects and spaces that they adorn. He frees his photos from the standard frames to become larger than life murals, collages of community history, banners of progress and lanterns illuminating a culture with each piece becoming an integral component of the building while at the same time visibly strengthening the connection between the school and the community."
Kathy Christy, Northwest Arctic Borough School District

“Kevin’s dedication and commitment to producing the best photography passible for his clients is what sets him apart, along with an eye for detail and a great understanding of what his clients want to achieve with their photography. This allows him to not only achieve client expectations but to go over and above. I highly recommend him for any executive or company in need of a professional photographer. It is a pleasure working with him.”
Linda Andersen Mikunda, Cottrell & Co. Inc.

“We have been working with Kevin for at least ten years; our repeat business is because of his professional attitude, flexible schedule, on-site client management (which can be tricky), excellent quality, and rigor of getting the right shot.”
John Weir, MCG Architects

"OMG!, without Kevin G. Smith’s professional photography I would still be painting mountain landcapes on gold pans. His ability to capture the detail, translucency, texture, and materiality of my work through photography has been paramount in my success as a visual artist."
Sonya Kelliher-Combs

"Kevin has a great eye for assessing a building’s architectural attributes and working with me to set up the shot that most fully highlights these aspects. After shooting, Kevin is easy to work with during final production and he always delivers a first-class set of photos."
Martha Hanlon, MH Architects

The photography of our architecture is almost as important as the architecture itself because in many cases it is the only chance potential clients have of experiencing it. To understand good architecture, it really needs to be experienced three dimensionally (in person) and it takes an excellent photographer to convey that feeling of a space in a two dimensional format. In addition, our work really tries to connect to the different parts of a day, season and moment, and it takes a dedicated photographer to be there at the right time to capture what it feels like when nature and the space come together as one. I feel like I can trust kevin on both counts."
Bruce Williams, Black and white Studio Architects

"Working with Kevin Smith is always a great experience for me. He listens to the objective and brings his own take on the subject. He is especially creative and often times comes back with images that were different and much better than we expected. He is very open and his demeanor is always mellow with a can do attitude. I recommend him for any photography job."
Jeff Schultz, Alaska Stock Images

"We really enjoy working with Kevin. He has a unique approach and perspective that really captures our artwork in its best light. "
Barbara Yawit & Andy Daoust